Happy Earth Day!

Make earth Day every day. We are here every day.
I have kept up with 30 days of biking so far (and probably won’t quit after April is done either)
My book Datacommuting has tips on how to use data communications to reduce your commute available on iBooks, Amazon (Kindle) and Nook
There many ways of reducing paper waste including by using your computerized device, using online billing and banking, and using web sharing.
Reduce your energy consumption by using settings, control panel energy saver/power savings feature on computers, phones, and tablets. These settings can allow your display to turn off automatically, go to sleep and more. If you have a network of computers use a network profile to save energy consumption. Remember to unplug chargers. Turn off any radios not used on smart phones and tablets, these include bluetooth, gps/location, wifi, cellular data. So know what you use. Always unplug chargers from wall (or switch off with power strip) when not charging, don’t leave laptops, phones, or tablets on charger when fully charged.
Portable devices typically will use less energy (especially when people remember to unplug chargers) than desktop computers and use less than television sets (with extra devices attached)
Smart thermostats and programmable thermostats can also reduce your energy consumption if used correctly.
Be green. Recycle. recycling just one aluminum can can save enough energy to power a computer for 4 hours. Recycle or reuse your used electronics as they are hazardous waste.  Keeping your device clean can extend its life.