when do you need print? (from a printer, typewriter, or photocopier–not talking about hand writing on scratch paper since it sometimes helps some people remember)

  • Almost never. only:
  • when legally required(which may be less often then you think)
  • to give something to someone without a computer, tablet, ipod, ereader, or smart phone.
  • Or when it is something that looks good enough that you want to keep on your wall.

Do I need a printer for those items?
Not necessarily,

  • you can have your photos printed in a store, or printing place, or shipped to you.
  • You can sometimes have the original institution, bank, store either print things for you or keep the copy you have.
  • You can use a printing company to print documents and required publications for you.
  • If you have a business for receipts (keep them in your computer records) can use a carbon copy receipt book, or for those that have email or texting, send an email or text the receipt.
  • Use e-billing for bills, e-statements for things like insurance
  • e-file your taxes
  • Use e-banking and stop having paper statements sent to you
  • Save these items to your computer instead of printing them.
  • Save your important email instead of printing it.
  • Save your paystubs on your computer instead of printing them.
  • Use electronic payments, withdrawals and deposits.
  • For businesses and government: Allow people to send you required documents that you need electronically through your secure web site.

Do you have a printer?
No, we no longer have a printer.  Just like type writers have already left, printers need to start leaving the workplace.
Why is Printing Bad?

  1. It’s expensive
  2. It’s wasteful
  3. It is bad for the environment – takes more energy, creates paper waste(that is only sometimes recycled), the supplies can also take environmental resources
  4. Health and safety – they are noisy -fumes that come from laser printers can be dangerous – they are dangerous to work with, and paper creates dust.
  5. paper takes a lot of storage room
  6. paper is a fire hazard
  7. it is susceptible to damage in things like floods
  8. it is Not more secure than other media
  9. Can cause unneeded data reentry (whether scanned or typed)

Paperless solutions offered:
Our paperless solutions include online marketing, email, calendar, calendar with free email, fax thru email (also a legacy technology), digitizing old media, and online backup
Other benefits of paperless: Reduces the need to drive and shipping costs.
In addition you can take these additional steps:
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Also note this is from an information systems perspective.  Individual situations may vary.
Unsubscribing from Junk Mail
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How to unsubscribe from other postal mail:
Check to see if there is an unsubscribe option on the catalog,  or ad you received.
Check the company’s web site: It may be under their privacy policy, contact page, about us page, or a special unsubscribe page.
If you have an online account with the company, it may be in your contact preferences.
Call, email them, or write them back.
If the mail item does not have your address and is sent to “Postal Patron” or a postal route there isn’t a way to individually unsubscribe.
Men living in USA 18-25 may save a stamp registering online for (or at post office)
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