Digital or online, business on-site, or arranged meeting.
Effective January 31, 2015 For All Services:

  • We are primarily software and online web services as well as training and tutoring.
  • A written or email receipt will be given by request. All transactions are recorded.
  • We do not carry cash on-site, please use exact change if paying in cash or use a different payment method.
  • We do no hardware repair due to safety, health, and financial reasons.
  • We do not do services where there is smoking, smoke damage computers or buildings, pet damaged.
  • Services are online for everyone plus limited on-site services for businesses in city limits of Brainerd/Baxter.

All on-site visits:

  • per remote session or on a fixed monthly or annual service plan only
  • It is a policy to check that everything is operational before leaving, and notify customer if it is not. It is also a policy to check that the user is satisfied be for leaving.
  • We do not supply any parts, unless selling excess parts that we use. We do not order any parts.
  • On-site service is no longer available unless on an active plan.
  • May refuse work because of dangerous travel conditions or any dangerous condition
  • Only cities of Brainerd / Baxter Currently served for on-site and only for Routine Customized Services customers
  • We may also refuse work that we are not well trained or capable of.
  • Rework may be done or refunds may be given on a case by case basis.  Driving fees are nonrefundable.
  • Obsolete:
    • we no longer do hardware repairs.
    • Windows ME, 98 and earlier are not supported. Windows XP – very limited support
    • No support for dial-up internet.

See Privacy Policy (added October 29, 2010)
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