Are you online only?
We can also go out to local businesses in Brained and Baxter.
However we will gladly meet online with any of our customers whether a business or individual. Some services are automated or partially automated and don’t need a meeting.
Contact Us an appointment can also be set up to do a video conference or screen sharing.
We can meet in person at a public location in the Brainerd area with a scheduled appointment.   Contact Us
What Web Design Services do you offer?
We offer full web design, and development. Design, coding, integration, graphics, photo, and video. We also sell web hosting through our online portal. We also offer training so you can update the web site on your own.
You can choose for us to do all or a portion of the work.
We also offer free business listing and advertising on Brainerd UpdateOnamia Area Website, Milaca Area Website and
What do you train?
For training we do one to one  and small group training for software and web sites.
We also give computer tips on our web site.
Training can be done online.
It can also be done at your business location in the city limits of Brainerd/Baxter on a limited basis.
see computer learning
What photo services do you offer?
We take photos at events, as well as nature photos.  We use them for our own web sites. We keep a digital inventory of all our photos. We also take photos and video for websites. Most photos are available for sale.
(note the photos that come with web hosting is a separate partner service)
We offer photo print, and photo slide scanning. As well as VHS video to digital formats.
We offer online storage. We also offer photo websites.
Can I order photos or videos that you’ve taken that are not currently posted on the web site?
Yes. You can contact us about ordering digital photos, videos, prints or photo gifts.
What repair services do you offer?
We offer software repair by remote support.

Do you offer business services?

Yes we offer many business services including:

What services are not offered?

We do Not repair hardware. We do Not fix screens, monitors, broken laptop power input, nor mobile phone/iPod/iPad hardware. We do Not replace system boards.
We may do occasional network troubleshooting, and hardware upgrades and migrations for businesses.
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Do you sell computer Parts?
In general we do Not sell or carry computer parts. We have a very limited amount of used or excess parts, and cables that we may have at a given time to sell.
Do you offer computer recycling?
Unfortunately we do not offer computer recycling at this time.  However, in most cases it is required by law that you recycle computer monitors, computers, mobile phones, rechargeable batteries, and parts that are no longer used.
I want to sell my  computer or other item.
Please post it in the classified ads
Do you offer on-site services?
On a very limited basis.
Business (not home based business) in city limits of Brainerd, and certain parts of city limits in Baxter which are on an annual plan.
Homes that are on an annual plan, that are current customers, that do not smoke in their home, and pets are kept away from computer.
Otherwise we offer online services  .
Are you able to hire an employee? Do you need extra help with your web site? Can I intern?

  • This business is currently self-employment and has no other employees.
  • Unfortunately we are not able to hire anyone at this time. It is just the owner working.
  • We can’t afford  nor need any extra help with any of our web sites, IT support, nor app development etc. currently.
  • We believe that internships should be paid for their work, and unfortunately we’re are not able to do that. Thus, we are not able to have interns either.
  • If and when we are able to hire it will be posted on the front page of our web site.

Do you recommend turning computer off?
For Desktop computers (non-portable) , if you choose to turn the computer off we recommend that you only turn it off once per day (like at night when sleeping or when work is done for the day).  It is usually OK to leave the computer on.
We recommend using the energy saving settings such as sleep mode and turning off monitor when not in use.
For Portable computers you may want to turn off or put in sleep mode when transporting. We also recommend using energy saving settings. If temperatures are cold outside, you may want to wait to turn the computer on or waking it up.
With computers and devices that have minimal or no moving parts (uses solid state drive or flash memory) it is ok to turn them off (shut down) more often, such as turning your smart phone off while at a meeting.
See also Computer Tips
Can I get a receipt from a previous purchase or service?
Yes, we can send it to your email.   We will need your name, or the date and item/service.
Are your services sales taxed?
Sales tax is only on some services.  For example photos sent digitally without any media are not taxed. Photo prints are taxed. All videos (except free videos) whether digital or on physical media are taxed.
Software sold and software installs are taxed. Software as a service is not taxed. Custom software is not taxed. Software repair is not taxed. Hardware repair is only taxed if it is for businesses.  All of this is subject to change according with laws and this is not advice just an explanation of what we do.
Can I use the photos, videos, or logos on one of your web sites?

All rights are reserved on the photos, videos, and logos.  Photos and logos cannot be used without written permission. Normally you must pay a fee to use them , as cameras, computers and most the software are not free.  YouTube videos that we post may be embedded into website otherwise you need permission to use it in other areas.
if article posted as newsrelease on one of our web sites, the text it is most likely public and the text can be used.
What discounts do you offer?
Our online services (for businesses & individuals)  are at a lower price than local business on-site services .
there are sometimes free tips posted on our website and Nate’s   YouTube channel .
We also offer some free services on our other web sites including business listings, classified ads, and event listings at Brainerd Update, Onamia Area Website, Milaca Area Website, and
Occasionally we have special promotions
We don’t give special discounts for being a nonprofit,   senior, disabled. a veteran, a business,  or local government  because the prices are already low and these are the majority of our customers. We appreciate the business. However anyone can use the promotional discounts that we have at a given time.
We also may give discounts that eliminate driving (such as using bicycle, bus or walking) when applicable.
There is currently a special discount for people who live in the same building I do  since there is a cost savings. -Nate
Do you charge late fees on invoices?
For direct services we do not normally charge late fees. However, we expect to be paid in a timely manner and services may be discontinued if bills are not paid.
We prefer Paypal / Amazon payments(online) – or  if in person cash or credit/debit card.
Do Not give us credit card numbers by phone calls, texts, or email.
For indirect partner services such as domain registration and web hosting we do not control the billing or additional fees.