Physically Cleaning out your computer

How to Physically Cleaning your computer hardware and other electronics. Tools used include a screwdriver, rubber camera blower, electronic cleaning wipes, and microfiber cloth. Remember to power off and unplug and use precautions. DO NOT open power supply.
Be careful with batterie
Although it seems loud on the video, try to be gentle with the keyboard if banging it to get out dust.
Smart Phones and Tablets would be cleaned similar to how the monitor is cleaned, plus making sure charging and other ports and buttons are free from dust and residue.
Cleaning the vents of a computer (or similar electronics) and keeping them clear is important for airflow and reducing heat. If a computer is opened up the bottom of the computer and fans (case and cpu) typically is where dust builds up. More dust will build up if the computer or electronic is in a bad location such as the floor.
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