Why Herbergers and Bonton failed to meet customer expectations.

Some of these are my personal reasons why I didn’t buy as much at Herbergers but I’m also looking at big picture

  1. Feeling unwelcome when coming into the store. Someone (that may not work there) right away is trying to sell a coupon book or a credit card. Having to walk through perfume and makeup counters if that isn’t what you’re planning on buying. Other times no one is at the front of the store.
  2. Lack of employees on sales floor and check out during 2017 holiday season.
  3. Check out process taking very long 2016 & 2017. There were long waits with just a few people in line that had just a few items.
  4. They sell to a niche group. They primarily targeted to traditional women’s clothing even though they did have some more modern styles and men’s clothing and housewares. Many women don’t even wear traditional women’s clothes.
  5. They kept the traditional department store concept where you check out in the department instead of at the front of the store. Many customers aren’t use to this.
  6. Too big of a corporation taking over regional chains. In this case bigger made the stores worse both in physical size and the size of the corporation.
  7. Web site failures.
  8.  Coupon restrictions
  9. Poor customer service. Not putting customers 1st. I was asked to look for a price tag when an item didn’t have it. I have memories of store employees scolding when I was younger (such as being on the escalator).  Many people I checked out with were friendly though.