Preview : Datacommuting

Preview of my from my first chapter of my ebook that I’m still working on.

What is Datacommuting?
It is using data to commute.  It can be used along with traditional commuting or a replacement for it.

  • Chapter 3: Newer and improving technologies
    • online backup, sharing and collaboration tools.
      Subway in Washington DC
      Subway in Washington DC
    • screen sharing.
    • Video conferencing.
    • email.
  • instant messaging.
  • Chapter 4: one step at a time
    • Looking up schedules for mass transit.
      Sunset on BNSF railway in Brainerd MN
      Sunset on BNSF railway in Brainerd MN
    • looking up where you are going to go ahead of time so you can save time and money on driving
    • finding people to carpool with online.
    • finding maps to trails online.
  • Chapter 5 – older forms
    • even using traditional mail and delivery services instead of driving.
    • can be used in conjunction with voice phones/texting.
    • Chapter 6: going paperless.
    • using online banking.
  • Chapter 7: 3 Rs, Reduce Reuse, Recycle  Buying Habits

The tools used to develop modern computing date back to ancient times such as using an abacus, languages/writing.
From telegraph, calculator, telephone, answering machine, typewriter, fax, camera, fiberoptics, widespread wireless network adaptation, and email halve all evolved to make data commuting possible. Downsizing of computers from mainframe, to mini, to micro, to portable, to handheld.
There isn’t one single inventor or even device that makes it possible. It is many devices and many men and women (and sometimes even kids) that have made it possible. It is heavily dependent on the Internet (sometimes called “information superhighway”), but it is still possible on networks that are not connected and of course it is also dependent on the devices connected.
Datacommuting is the next step beyond telecommuting.  Although telecommuting used computers, it heavily relied on the telephone and telephone lines.  Businesses had to add extra lines to their employees homes so they could do their work.  Employees did not get to meet face to face with other employees or customers without going into their office.  Another problem, it was mostly (possibly for accounting purposes) only used for business purposes, thus there are still too many people driving and bridges crumbling down.
Datacommuting changes all those things. know it or not, you may already be doing parts of it, but probably not enough to complete the full picture.
The advances with web technology has changed the way people learned and the positions people work.  The local college, there used to be five different position has merged into one position all because of the web. Now called student services which used to be the  financial aid, records/registration, information and business office combined because of web-based services and disability/admissions/counseling combined to another office.
Another thing that changed is the way students learn by web-based classes.  Now during the summer the local college is mostly a ghost town because most Summer classes are just online.
Another way that has changed is that many books are not e-books so students don’t have to have backpacks for having books.
Chapter 2: More than just trying to stay green in a digital age
What is the need for Datacommuting and why do we need to change how we commute?
What is the need for Datacommuting and why do we need to change how we commute?
We over rely on our automobiles. We use them for things we don’t have to. We get less exercise.
Driving motorized vehicles is expensive and can be dangerous.  Many people are hurt or killed automobile accidents on a regular basis. They take up a lot of land And other resources.  This is both a personal financial burden also a burden on society as a whole.
Our overuse of vehicles that run off of dangerous fuels has also caused us to go to the extreme to get the fuel for our vehicle and has also had very damaging, sometimes non-repairable consequences.
It is part of our obesity problem. It’s not just the fast food places, it’s that people don’t even get out of their car to get into the fast food places.  And when spending a lot of time in the car, it isn’t always easy to eat healthy food or get enough exercise.

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  1. Hi Nate – This is quite an undertaking! I read this with interest, and although I don’t understand it all (you know I am not really computer savy!), I can see what a big job you have here. I read at first “datacommunicating” instead of data comuting, so had to go back and start over. You are to be congratulated on your work. We are proud of you! Love, Gma

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