Dealing with unwanted emails

Although in my view not as bad as junk postal mail or unwanted phone calls unwanted emails can be a problem or at least a nuisance.
They are called many things:

  • junk mail or email
  • spam
  • bulk mail
  • unsolicited mail
  • unwanted e-mail

How to reduce junk mail.

  • Certain email programs are better than others at handling junk mail. Many of the web based programs are slightly better at handling than desktop email clients.
  • Don’t sign up for emails you don’t want
  • If you signed up for an email you don’t want there should be an unsubscribe option.
  • If it’s a personal email address be careful who you give it out to.
  • Many email programs have a reporting option/ button like “This is spam” or “report junk mail” or “block sender”
  • Don’t click on the links of unwanted email, however sometimes the unsubscribe option is ok to click on.
  • Sometimes it is simply best to just delete it.


  • Phishing are emails, letters, phone calls pretending to be other people, businesses, and organizations.
  • They might pretend to be your friends or relatives.  Many of these emails are from out of the country.
  • Clues to phishing:
    • misspellings from companies
    • links look different
    • email addresses are slightly different
    • trouble with your bank or PayPal account
    • Email from your friends or relative, that are in unusual circumstance, and are different than how they usually word things

Common email/mail scams:

  • For Businesses:
    • SEO services (Search engine optimization saying your web site does poorly in search rankings even though that’s how they probably found you)
    • mobile web development
    • Listing services that look like a bill or look like it is needed for your web site
    • there are legitimate business services for those things listed above (like mine, I offer SEO, web development, and Business Listings) but you probably should not trust those that send you junk emails.
  • scam letters from out of the country saying you are getting money (Nigerian Letter Scams, Out of Country Lotteries)
  • phony virus alerts
  • Urban legends and misquoting famous people
  • and more

Another Problem:

  • There is so much junk email that some important email end up in your junk or bulk mail folder. So it is best to check it before emptying.