Save energy

Cut out driving as much as possible: how?

  • Use web based services, telephone, and mail instead of driving.
  • Combine your stops along a single route.
  • Use Public Transit where available.
  • Car Pool
  • Walk
  • Ride Bike
  • Live closer to where you work, or Work closer to where you live
  • Kids walk, bike, or take bus to school.

If you do use your car:

  • Keep up with regular maintenance
  • Stay Below 60 Mph
  • Keep it clean, to keep weight down
  • Use windows down going less than 45 Mph when it’s hot. Air conditioning when going more than 45 Mph.

In your Home:

  • Unplug chargers when not in use.  Chargers such as phone, tablet, even some laptop chargers can take more energy just being plugged in than the  device itself.  Also Unplug printers if not in use for a long period. Make sure there aren’t orphan cables that go to nothing.
  • Use washer and dryers during cooler times when possible and cook during cooler times when possible. Using a microwave during warmer times may also save energy.
  • LED lighting (including on monitors, tvs, regular fixtures, refrigerators) can keep your place cooler.
  • Use of blinds, or curtains, in warm weather.
  • Use energy saving (power) settings on your computer (in control panel in Windows, and system preferences on Macintosh)
  • Drink tap water (I use a filter pitcher)

Home & Office

  • Use less paper, do less printing
  • Recycle – Recycled materials take less energy than raw materials.
  • Allowing a casual dress code, so workers can dress appropriately for the weather.

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