Contributions made by Gmail

You may have heard about privacy issues with Gmail, which have always been publicized as a problem.
Gmail from Google brought these advancements.

  1. Labels: also known as tags.  They were one of the first (if not the first) to use these with email instead of folders. Tags of course were used by things other than email before this, but it was still an advancement.  This has been adapted by other email programs and even operating systems.
  2. Conversation view. To keep things organized with who you are writing to. Other programs have adapted this.
  3. Keep it, don’t print or delete.  Gmail let people have enough storage, So people don’t do unproductive things like print and delete emails.
  4. Accessibility: Made their email available in almost any email program, allowed forwarding, and compatible with most mobile devices.
  5. Allow people to use their own domain with Google Apps.
  6. powerful email search.
  7. Strong junk email filter: It errors on being too strong at times.
  8. Ads relevant to you: Some people like this. Others consider this intrusion of privacy.

Do you use Gmail? I use to, but I no longer use Gmail because of possible privacy concerns.