What is paper good for these days?

  1. Bathroom tissue
  2. Recycled materials such as insulation, and ceiling tiles
  3. If it helps you to remember, write on scrap paper
  4. Cleaning materials (when used sparingly) – I use reusable cloths, and eraser sponges(for what I can’t get out with reusable cloths) too. I go through about 1 roll of paper towels a year. I also sometimes use antistatic wipes. update:  I no longer use the eraser sponges since I don’t have that huge a mess to clean up.  I only use a few rolls of paper towels a year, but I’ve been counting and it is more than one. I also use a  mop with a reusable cloth mop head that can be washed in clothes  washing machine.

In addition to saving paper by not printing and asking places not to send me junk mail, I also look at the packaging I use.

  • I buy bag cereal to reduce paperboard.
  • I use Presto Popper so I use popcorn not the microwavable bags ( it does use a small piece of reusable paper, so it reduces paper not paperless).
  • I wash my dishes instead of buying and throwing away paper or plastic ones.
  • I use dryer balls instead of fabric softener or dryer sheets.

And to save plastic I use reusable bags, every time (too many people just buy them and forget to use them). To save on garbage bags, I use bread bags, produce bags, cereal bags (with a tie), and shopping bags(if somehow I got one anyway). To reduce carbon emissions and foreign oil, I use my bicycle, as well as many online services, and public transit.

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