Biggest problems with computers

1. Some people think Computer Technicians are just for problems
sorry they are not (; but let’s get to the actual list of problems I see with computers.
1. Software Problems – including malware, bloatware, not knowing how to use software, making sure data is backed up.
2. Dirty Computers – even if you have a clean house or office – is your computer clean? I am not talking about software here. Many computers are physically dirty and that is the number one reason for hardware problems that I have seen. this is the number one reason power supplies, and system boards I’ve seen fail. It is also one of the main reasons hard drives and optical drives fail.
The fallowing are not necessarily in exact order but the order I see.
3. Problems that need to be solved with the Internet Service Provider.. but the customers do not want to deal with them themselves
4. Notebook problems although they are portable, they still have a lot of delicate parts:
including the Power Supply connection, hard drive, keyboard, then screen – pretty much in that order.
5. Problems from moving a desktop computer such as memory issues, and hard drive issues.
6. removable Laptop batteries
7. cmos battery
8. Modem / surge protector wrecked by power surges through telephone line – not as common anymore since widespread fiber optic use.
9. manufacturer reasons- I put this last, however many of the problems above could have been avoided by a better manufacturing / design process.
2015 update: flash storage such as Solid State Drives can dramatically improve performance opposed to keeping spinning hard disc drives.

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