What you find on the web versus newspaper and television and radio

By now you should all know that the World Wide Web is not always a reliable source, but you have to also remember that many of the mistruths or bad practices are also found in older types of media.
I was hearing a bunch of wrong information on a radio talk show something like “into tomorrow” about technology. Some of the information was right on correct but others were poor practices and wrong terminology such as calling a computer tower a CPU. a CPU is the Central Processing Unit, a very small microchip that is in computer towers and other devices, which normally is one of the last things to go bad.
When physically cleaning a computer:
It should be turned off.
Do not use alcohol or Glass cleaner on the monitor, especially on older monitors and televisions because it takes away the film that protects your eyes.
use a microfiber cloth on the monitor.
you can use antistatic cleaning wipes on other components(which was mentioned in the program)
try not to touch any of the internal components. touching the case is ok and can help reduce static.
I heard something on a different radio program that seems to be an unsupported claim:

For archiving it is best to leave paper as paper.

This is normally not true, because paper deteriorates easily and is a fire hazard and in the long run it is cheaper to scan most unnecessary paper documents.
Claim I seen in a newspaper Brainerd Dispatch and in a poster:

Online businesses bring 0% back to the local economy

Not always true. Maybe it is with some online businesses but not all. There are some local online business. Also, there are local and chain hybrid online /brick and mortar businesses. Also delivery services such as UPS and FedEx can benefit, both happen to have local outlets in Brainerd.
Another claim in Brainerd Dispatch from an unnamed local business person.

High gas prices hurt the economy.

Not always true either. Some businesses take advantage of that in their marketing like Walmart – buy all in one spot. Local business – why drive when you can get it here. Online businesses – no need to drive. Alternative transportation options and higher fuel economy vehicles also sometimes benefit.
It isn’t that these sources are completely or always incorrect. It is that you have to always think twice about what you hear, but you also have to keep an open mind because many of the technologies that are available today people would just laugh in the past if you said that you have them.