My personal reasons to be paperless

I’m not completely paperless but I’m working at it. Here are some my personal reasons for being paperless:

Paper Mess before photo 2009

  1. I have been using paper myself too much for too long, mainly with school.  I needed to learn to conserve paper so I don’t cause problems.
  2. I kept too much of the paper I received.  I was being a hoarder with papers I either received or printed or written on myself.  I would keep papers from school many years after graduating. keep receipts from the day before up to 10 years old. To keep the important information I realized that I needed a scanning system for that and bought the NeatReceipts portable scanner that came with NeatWorks for my Macintosh computer.
  3. I don’t have enough room at my apartment or office for keeping papers. I pay very low rent, partly because I had a small office and have small apartment.
  4. I have trouble reading papers and books because I sometimes have had trouble bending my neck and my eyes have got worse. So it is easier for me to read on a computer screen, and when it is a long article I sometimes have the computer read it with text to speech. Also, it is easier for me to read street signs and look at artwork on a wall.
  5. Doesn’t happen too often but every once in a while I have got paper cuts. I also hurt myself once with a paper cutter that I immediatly got rid of after it happened.
  6. It is too expensive if I’m not conserving paper.  I even quit all print (on paper) advertising. For me, Not only did print advertising not pay for itself, it brought too many telephone solicitations.

So I may have a few more personal reasons than others to attempt to be paperless. Or at least to conserve as much paper as possible. I still keep bath tissue handy.
2015 Update: temporarily going without an office.  Update on Neat scanner