Why Nate's Computer Services doesn't do repair

Why doesn’t Nate’s Computer Services do repair?

  1. It is extremely time consuming, even when working on more than one system at a time and even when using Frequently Replaced Units (FRU)
  2. If it is on-site that adds additional time, driving expense, logistics, and safety hazards for the technician and/or company doing repair.
  3. with cut rate computer prices, the pricing for computer repair is hard to judge,  the main good reason would be to save the data(which our organization does help with), or to cut on waste (which our organization advocates), cost is not a good reason.
  4. Broken down computer typically are problems caused by the end user’s misuse, abuse, neglect, or lack of knowledge, whether its primary user or a second user(including kids) that also uses the computer.  Also the environment in which the computer is in may cause damage-such as but not limited to smoke, pet dander, and bugs.  In any of these cases it is typical policy of most companies these days to deny warranties or deny working on the computer.  With the exception, of lack of knowledge, it is our policy as well. (Do not bring your bug or smoke filled computers here! 🙂
  5. Sometimes equipment is heavy and can be hard on my back.  I worked 3 summers moving things in a school (non computer work) and never hurt my back.  I hurt my back doing contract work for 3 different companies. That is the primary reason I don’t do contract work anymore, unless dealing directly with small businesses. (That is why we do not allow customers to bring in CRT monitors or laser printers to our business, if you want to get rid of it we will refer you to someone that recycles them)
  6. I have never liked computer repair.
  7. Computer repair, outside of warranty periods, typically is not necessary since the computer (or device) needs to be upgraded anyway.
  8. With a click of a couple buttons and a confirmation the computer can be easily wiped out and started fresh.  It is expected that you have all your data(information) backed up or use a server for data storage. Sometimes if the computer has been preconfigured, a technician can do this remotely.
  9. For non-hardware problems, many times it is not necessary for the technician to come on-site or for users to bring in or ship their computers. It can all be done remotely, via networks or Internet.
  10. Sometimes it just isn’t necessary anymore for non-warranty repair. If you take good care of a well built system, chances are it won’t break or if it is, it’s covered under warranty. Or if it isn’t built well, but it’s cheap, you just get a new one and recycle the old. One long lasting computer hardware theory, is more apparent than ever today, and that is avoid moveable parts. You can definitely see that with tablets and smartphones, very evident in the company Apple‘s design.
  11. Any contract work with some of the major IT repair and installation companies are very hard to deal with and are on an ethically slippery slope.
  12. The provider -customer relationship typically is not good.
  13. It is looked down upon in the general technology industry
  14. It isn’t my specialty. Although I have a worthless, as far as obtaining a good job for me, grandfathered in A+ Certified Professional certification from CompTIA, which deals somewhat with repair (Although, notice neither computer or repair is in the title of it anywhere). Although, a class requirement of 2 of them,  of my 5 college degrees none of my majors have the word repair in them. 4 majors do have the word computer.
  15. It is not profitable for our business. (It may be for other businesses)
  16. We do other things better.

What do we do?
We offer web design, web hosting domains & online storageemail, and digital photography and Digital Computer Help (often times called support as a general generic industry term).
In September of 2007 or possibly before we quit doing computer repair. We started doing On-Site Computer Help. It was done both to avoid confusion with another provider in the area, as well as to really do something different.
Sometimes both the term and the actual doing of computer repair has crept back to haunt the business.  Sometimes it has been because of advertising companies, with incorrect information, they all had errors with the exception of the printed business advertising section (called “Yellow Advantage” at the time) of the Brainerd Dispatch, which quickly updated the advertising correctly. Most advertising companies sold my info to other advertisers. It was hard to find a correct category in the phone directory.  It could be called computer training, but it isn’t necessarily that, it can be a little more urgent.  We could just put it under computers, but then people will call us asking for computers or computer parts. So sometimes, I have been stuck.
Also when money is tight I didn’t always wait for the right customer and I would do just about anything (legitamate), for any customer, to make money. As you may know, that does not work well in about anyway. I lost good customers because of it.
Digital Computer Help has the ability to allow the individual user or small business to really get at the root of the problem and come up with solutions that can sometimes be long lasting.
Not only can it solve problems, but we can find new uses of technology and ways of doing things to improve the computer users’ or businesses’ experience. For businesses and even individuals,  we have sometimes even found ways for them to generate more revenue and decrease costs – not necessarily typically, but on occasion.
Why don’t your customers use the free or low cost support they already get with their computer, internet service provider, or other technology product/service?
Sometimes they do and it works for them.
Sometimes they do not know it is available, and I help them with that.
Sometimes it inadequate for their problem or not covered by what they do because the intermingling of systems or it is beyond what is necessary for them to support.
Sometimes users cannot understand a person with an accent. (although with my disability sometimes my own speech can be at times hard to understand)
Sometimes they cannot understand the technical terms, also called technical (computer) lingo, geek speak, or techno jargon.
At times we may assist them with talking to a company.
How is it working out doing Digital Computer Help?
We have had to discontinue the on-site portion of computer help for home customers, and limit it for businesses. We still offer In Business Help.  Most that have used remote Digital Computer Help  enjoyed it as well (after figuring out how to get it set up).
The future is looking good.
Companies, other than Nate’s Computer Services, mentioned are of their respecful owners, are linked for your convenience, and are not affilated with us, besides us being a customer of theirs.

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  1. I may be discontinuing my A+ certification it now requires continuing education. That isn’t a bad thing. It is just that the A+ certification overall has done me more bad than good .

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