been trying out Opera Mobile Web Browser for Android

Just recently I downloaded and started using the Opera Mobile Web Browser for Android. I have a little bit older android model phone, so Firefox won’t work and I am not fully satisfied with the built in browser.
I have had it less than a day. But my first impressions are it is Great.
It has a better look and feel. More recent technologies. and seems to work better with forms.
It may be because I’m getting over a cold, but I’m feeling really good.
Update: facebook functionality is limited with Opera Mobile. However, for the functionality it does have its much faster. I had to work around to link this post from the facebook page.
Update2 5/25/2012: After working with it for a while I switched to Opera Mini. Got rid of Opera mobile. Have the built in android browser set as the default browser, but primarily use opera mini on android now since it works faster on my 3g phone.