My Office, GoToMeeting and Drive Time

I’m going to give you an example of a couple of changes I’ve made to my business model.
Although my prices have lowered slightly and I’ve cut out most the on-site business.  I am now able to handle more customers, or do more for my customers, because of savings on drive time.Hhowever I am still backlogged with some of my customers and back end projects for my business.
I have been consistently saving money on fuel since I’ve been using Citrix GoToMeeting in 2010 and now have the combination of having my office for people to meet me at.
My fuel use for my car has been cut significantly.  When I was first starting, I was filling up every 2 weeks or more.  Last year it was about once a month.  This calendar year so far, It has been about every 2 months, so I have filled up twice so far.
This is how much I have spent during this time period during the calendar year to date for the  past 6 years.
Time Period           spent on fuel                   gallons of  fuel
From 1/1/12 to 5/4/12  $73.34            21.443    (as stated on receipts)
From 1/1/11 to 5/4/11 148.74              40.4         (approximate calculation-fleet farm didn’t have the number of gallons on receipt, but gives .04 per gallon discount, the other gas stations did give a receipt)
From 1/1/10 to 5/4/10 143.66
From 1/1/09 to 5/4/09 142.01
From 1/1/08 to 5/4/08 251.93
From 1/1/07 to 5/4/07 181.38
Note: This includes fuel used both business and personal
2013 $0 0 gallons
2014 $0 0 gallons
Update 2015: we are temporarily going without an office. permanently without a car. We also use many other means to avoid driving and avoiding people driving to us including other electronic tools such as cloud services including online storage, our website, video rental using web, email, WebEx, GoToAssist. Also use non electronic means such as walking and biking.

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  1. Since the time of this post I got rid of my car.
    I commute electronically and by walking, biking, public transit, and once in a while car pooling.
    1. To save money
    2. For my own health
    3. For a better environment and world.

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