About my business name and slogan

Nate Zone Sign
A photo of my old room at my parents old house south of Onamia.
I came up with my business name sometime during 2006. I decided to incorporate my nickname “Nate” which is of course shorthand for my first name Nathan. “Computer” was used because it is one of the main things used in my business, of course not the only thing. Not as many people know what IT, information technologies, technologies, IS, or information systems, or information services means. “Services”, which is always supposed to be plural means I offer a variety of different services.
The assumed name “Nate’s Computer Services” was registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State in 2007.
Some have made mistakes about my name assuming it was just service and just computer repair. It does offend me when people say my business is the same as the “Geek Squad” or a “break fix” business because it has never been just that. Half of our business is back to being online.
Anyway the slogan for my business is “Nate’s Computer Services strives to make people’s technology experience better.” It has also been shortened for print purposes to “Striving to make your technology experience better.” It was influenced by the 4-H motto: “To make the best better.”
My logo was primarily derived from my personal logo from the Nate in the Nate Zone sign which I made and hung on my door when living south of Onamia about 1994. I added the computer around it since I seen computer monitor ads with photos showing inside the screen.
Another interesting thing “NatES” is the 1st 3 letters of my first name my middle initial is E and my last initial is S.
Shortly after the time I decided the business name, in 2006, I registered natescomputer.com for this web site. I later registered different variations of the name for typos and marketing purposes.
Others include the full business name natescomputerservices.com. Shorter variations include nate.biz and nates.us and nateservice.com .
One other thing to note. If you would take away the word computer from the name or technology from the slogan it would still fit the business. They are just added to be more descriptive. The focus is on services and to make the experience better.