Data value

Did you ever think of how much the data on your computer is worth?

  • how much are your family photos worth?
  • how much is your records worth?
  • how much is the information needed to run your business worth?
    • For certain things you can put a price on, for data some things a price can be estimated, some things are priceless.
      Unless you have nothing unique stored on your computer, hard drive, server or device the data is almost always worth much more than the device itself.

What would happen if you lost it?

  • If you have it backed up some place, and can easily access the back up and recover the data, that is what you would do.
  • If you have some of the information stored online such as in a web based email service, you would recover that from there.
  • You may be able to get some receipts, and statements directly from the business, banks and other organizations you deal with.
  • you may be able to recover some items from paper copies (it will be a lot of work and they won’t be as good of quality) or things saved on disks IF you don’t have a disaster.
  • You may be able to get some things from friends, and family you have shared with.
  • If you have a second computer, device, or your own web site that is still working you may be able to recover some things from there.
  • You may be able to recover some items from original media such as camera, SD card, or camera phone.
  • If you have iTunes, and purchased directly from them you now may be able to recover those items from iTunes as long as you can remember the information you need to access your account. (this was not the case, until November of 2011)
  • You may be able to recover certain things from a hard drive if it hasn’t been written over enough or severely damaged, with special hardware or software or sending it to a recovery specialist.

Of course I would recommend backing up everything, both locally and off site.
Full Disclosure: I do offer online backup which I may benefit financially from.
What to do about not letting people access your computer.
First require an operating password, finger print, facial recognition or some other method to access the computer.
If you save passwords on your computer, use an easy to remember, yet hard for others to know, master password that protects all of them.
For even deeper protection, limit the information you share online, that is not secure in both in encrypted transfer and secure on the other end. Have backup transferred over a secure, encrypted connection and also securely stored (and backed even elsewhere). You can set a system password for your computer and you can also encrypt the data on your computer.
You can have your computer physically locked down.
You can require a secure entry system. Building security. Firewalls (networking hardware), Firewalls (software), and Firewalls (actual building firewall)
Remember sometimes you have to balance the right amount of security, with ease of use, and costs.
The online backup that I offer does have the encrypted transfer, as well as securely stored on the server at more than one location and is accessible from most computers and Internet connected devices.
Striving to make your technology experience better,
Nathan Steffenson
Nate’s Computer Services

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