Technology I like

Here is my annual list of technology I like.
5. magnetic cook top with automatic off. I am currently using the Nuwave oven 2 with this technology cooks fast, energy efficient and less mess.
4. 3M Command strips & accessories. Although I’ve had some issues with some tearing when taking off walls, These can be very useful tools for chord management, picture mounting, mounting solid state drives (SSD), and tool organizing such as keeping my broom off the floor. They avoid holes in the wall too.
3. Internal flash storage (or SSD) in devices with network connectivity. All smart phones and tablets have this(although sometimes removable).  Now we need to make sure we have  in our desktop and laptop computers (if you aren’t going to substitute them completely with a tablet or smart phone).  Also network connectivity helps eliminate the need to pull a card out and get rid of the need for optical drives.
2. Cloud technology. Most people have already taken this up at least a portion. Why waste money on DVDs, CDs, hard drives, flash drives, extra data centers/servers, and unnecessary traveling when we have cloud technologies.

  1. Renewable energy, energy efficient, and other green technology.  flashlightThis includes cleaning tools such as a rubber blower (such as Rocket Blaster) and cleaning wipes that can make your electronics last longer. Solar keyboards (and solar power in general). Led lighting and redirecting natural sun light with fiber optics or high efficient windows. LED bicycle lights powered by DYNO wheel as well as bicycle accessories such as quick mtx pack or a trailer that allow me to avoid using automobiles.