My annual list of my least favorite technologies

My personal list of Tech dislikes
7. The way people use their mobile phones, and tablet devices. I like my phone to a point, but I try to change the settings so it is less of a distraction. The main reason I like my phone is for the camera – not the phone, texting, or web. (even though I have dedicated digital cameras). I admit I have taken selfies (self-portraits) even before mobile phones, but the extent people are doing it now is a little out of hand. I actually like using my computer as a phone/video phone, for texting and web better than my mobile phone.
6. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday.  Although not a technology in itself there are many sales with technology items. Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday were implemented with web technology when started. Black Friday (the turning of red negative numbers into black positive profit) I avoid because of the crowds in person.  I also avoid these sales because of overspending and buying things that are not useful for me or the people I give them to. Small business Saturday to me as having a small business with mostly local customers is more of a gimmick since people rarely expect me to work on a Saturday even if I want to.  Also, it’s sponsored by big business American Express. I also don’t buy into the argument that more dollars stay local when shopping at a brick and mortar business vs online, although in some cases this is true, that all depends on the business.
5. Technology (often outdated) that is noisy, bulky, takes a lot of energy, or needs to have batteries replaced. This goes from the fake bell tower, to grass sprinkler systems that get in pedestrians way and run while it is raining, to walky talkies, film cameras, remote controls, and some toys.
4. Watches and fitness bracelets (and any accessory or clothing (like dress shoes/high heals)that can be uncomfortable). One of the reasons I still use a mobile phone is I hate watches. Watches are easy to lose and can be a safety/ health hazard.  The best way in my view to be active  is to have a written plan on how you are going to stay fit, have support from friends/family, and do it.
3. Printers (and typewriters, paperbooks, and paper) see paperless
2. Weapons of any kind  – I know some people like to hunt for food or do archery, but we can’t always just blame people for all  of our problems when it comes to these.

  1. Personal automobiles – They are dangerous. Noisy. bad for the environment. Sometimes used as weapons. Bad for health. People are also starting to use more bad behaviors with these such as honking with remote controls locks/car alarms constantly as well as leaving them running or pets/kids in vehicle. They can actually take away productivity and make us less social in a positive way to the people close to us. more in my ebook that I’m in progress of writing. Also sometimes people consider it to be too personal of an item forgetting they are in other peoples space when using their car or in a parking lot.