How often are you using computers without knowing it

Computers come in many different shapes, sizes, and uses
If you drive, the car you use most likely has a computer to help with fuel efficiency. The stoplight is controlled by a computer. Your driver’s license is in a database on a server. State Id and voter registration is in databases as well. And this isn’t even mentioning smart cars or the smart phone that you have.
Most people recognize that smart phones, smart TVs, and tablets are a form of a computer. Even if your cell phone isn’t featured or a “smart phone” a computer is still used to determine which tower your phone should use, route, and track your phone call. Computerized switches, routers, and tracking of course are used with land line phones as well.
Go shopping? chances are every purchase you make is stored on a computer. Even if you pay cash. It for sure is if you pay by credit card, or use a rewards card. It is stored for a variety of reasons from accounting, to inventory and marketing. Of course modern point of sale systems are a form of networked computer.
Use electricity? Instant meter reading and electrical efficiency depends on computers.
Watch a movie? Most likely it was edited with a microcomputer. Before computers were used to edit movies it would take a room full of editors to edit a featured motion picture. With a computer it can be done with as little as one editor.
Listen to the radio? watch TV? even if you hear someone live on the air, the programming is computerized. At times a single person may control several radio stations. Some small TV and radio stations are fully programmed for the entire night with only people on call.
Have a bank account? I seen on TV many years ago the last bank in the United States to not use computers. Chances are you don’t bank there.
Read the newspaper the old fashioned paper kind? It was edited on a computer.
Use the mail? Yes some mail is still sorted by hand, but it is assisted by computers with optical character recognition and bar codes.
This list could keep going, so I will stop here.