Severe Weather awareness week

Have a plan for disaster to keep yourself and the people around you safe.
What about your computers and data?

  • Always have your computer backed up offsite or online in case of natural disaster of fire. We offer online storage.
  • Don’t smoke by computer(and to be even safer not in the house, especially not by a bed and not on deck/balcony). Keep it out of dust. Keep pets and small children away from computer
  • Use proper electrical equipment such as a surge protector and grounded. Don’t use any frayed chords nor extension chords.
  • Critical servers and network equipment should use battery backup also called uninterruptible power supply.
  • When possible use fiberoptics to minimize impact of lightning strike.
  • Don’t use computers or phones outside in a storm or extreme weather.
  • You may want to consider turning off items during a strong storm and not use appliances nor chorded telephone.
  • Have your equipment in a sturdy structure (not out in a garage)