Some new computer hardware I have been using

solar keyboard
solar keyboard

1. Solar Keyboard from Logitech.

  • I have been using the Windows version of the solar Logitech keyboard. I kept using wired keyboards because I didn’t like changing batteries.  This solves that problem, and removes some cable clutter.
  • I now also have the mac version for my Macintosh.

2. Wireless touchpad from Logitech

  • It is rechargeable by USB cable, and otherwise wireless and uses the same wireless adapter as my keyboard.
  • Removes cable clutter.  A little bit less hard on my wrist and gets rid of the laser.
  • There is both a Mac version and a Windows version with multitouch (it has basic functions in Linux and basic functions if you used the Windows for mac or vice versa).

3. Solid State Drive

  • A solid state drive can increase the speed of computer
    SATA Solid State Drive
    SATA Solid State Drive

  • I have installed SSDs on 3 my computers and a customer’s computer.
  • It also increases energy efficiency and reduces heat
  • They come from multiple manufacturers. Typically from companies that make memory and flash drives.
  • I had to clean up unneeded program files and duplicate files before installing.
  • I used disc duplication /imaging software that came with one of the drives.
  • Also, I was able to mount it to the desktop computers since it came with an adapter mount even though they were both made for laptops.
  • For my Macintosh computers I used Time Machine (Apple Macintosh’s automatic local backup program to external drive) to do the restore to the new drive.
  • A 480 GB drive is the same as a 512 GB drive. (the 512 GB drive uses a different definition of GB)


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