Top 5 worst electronics to buy

According to me, Nathan Steffenson.
5. Plastic gift cards, printing coupons. If you use gift cards you might as well do e gift carts that can be either read on a smart phone or redeemed online. Plastic cards are easily lost or stolen. If you are buying a printer or computer just to print coupons, you are wasting your money (and trees).
darncars4. Automobiles.  Not completely electronics but you see there advertisement in almost every place. They are expensive to maintain, and to buy gasoline for. Even if it is one of those new “greener” cars, they are still very expensive, and not as green as riding a bike, walking, using electronic communications, mass transit, or being closer to where you commute (or walk).
3. Blue Ray players (and new standalone DVD players, CD players, tape players) These are all being replaced by Internet streaming, and download services. Even though they have gone down in price, the disc are expensive and take quite a bit of room if you have oldtvlarge collections.
2. Tube TVs / monitors (CRT) – Don’t know if you can even buy these anymore, but I’m putting on the list anyway. They take a lot of heat, use more electricity are full of lead, and are very heavy. Take up a lot of room too. You may not want to get rid of one if you still have one and if you do get rid of one you must recycle it properly.
1. Printers – they are heavy, and we have better electronic means to communicate and store information now than what paper can do. If you need something printed why not pay the few cents per copy at you local printing place, or photo developer, or have it mailed to you.

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  1. Another Recommendation don’t buy a plasma TV either. They are being phased out anyway. They are expensive, heavy, can have burn outs, and take a lot of electric power.
    Alternatives: Get an Organic Light Emitting Diode OLED or an LED backlit LCD. (LED has nothing to do with lead and are usually lead free)

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