Top 5 best electronics to buy

According to me, Nathan Steffenson.
5. Robot vacuum. I bought 2 iRobot Roombas (700 series with Hepa filter) one for my office and >robotvacuumone for my apartment. Since both my apartment and office are small they actually replaced my conventional upright vacuum. It also has helped keep my place a lot cleaner than before since it goes on its own everyday and goes under the furniture. There are other brands and models of robot vacuums as well, they may be as good, better, or worse.
Update November 2015 Both vacuums are still running that were bought in January 2013. Some of the parts have had to be replaced though. When I moved out of my office, one of the vacuums went to my friend’s apartment.
4. Smart Phone. I like having a smart phone, because it consolidates smartphonethe items in my pocket. I personally use the iPhone, but there are also some good Android phones out there as well. I like having the camera, phone, watch, and pocket computer all in one.  It is lighter than carrying a laptop around.  Now if you can get by without a cell phone, An iPod touch or tablet may work as well.
Update November 2015 on my first 2 smartphones. My first 2 smartphones only lasted a little over a year. The first 2011 was a Samsung intercept  Android phone (a model they no longer make) which ended up being too slow and I accidentally stepped on it and broke the screen before I had funds to purchase a new phone. Ended up taping the touch screen to get by until a new phone could be ordered.
The 2nd in 2012 was a iPhone 4s which eventually failed twice. However it worked well enough I was able to get a credit for returning it after just over a year. I had a custom case, which could have made it worse. The phone also didn’t tolerate Minnesota weather well.
The 3rd in 2014 was an iPhone 5c which I still have today and works fine (other than some iCloud /Macintosh connectivity issues). I used the bumper case since I didn’t want to chance a custom case.
One problem with smart phones that I have in particular is bending to look at the screen too much /looking at phone too much.
3. Going Paperless. I use a number of different methods to accomplish this, some that cost extra money and some that save money. Online Banking and online billing: this is one that saves me money, since with my credit union when I get statements online I get free online bill pay so I don’t need to mail out checks for bills. With online billing I download the statements and I also have most of my bills paid automatically. I also use a Neat receipts scanner to scan in receipts and documents, and also use their Neat Cloud. Do book keeping using accounting software(Quickbooks) sending receipts by email or text message. Also, I do my taxes online and filed electronically, and save the PDF on my computer. Of course, my photos and video are digital as well.
See post about Neat
2. Crank flash light. As long as you remember to wind it up every month, no batteries or light bulbs to buy. (Just don’t buy too many of them)   Bright LED bike lights allow me to bike in the dark and batteries usually last a long time.
1. Video calling, screen sharing. You may not even have to buy a new device or software. I like both Facetime which comes with Apple products and Skype which works with most computers, tablets, and smartphones that have a high speed connection and camera.  Sometimes I use Skype plugin with Facebook -since many of your contacts are already there. There are other premium products such as GoToMeeting or you can have an upgraded Skype account.

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  1. Update about my purchases:
    4) Roomba. I sold the virtual walls and remote controls since my places are small enough that I didn’t need them. After a little more than a year. It has continued to keep my place clean. I have had to replace the filters on them several times. I clean the tray and brushes on them a few times a week (daily or after every cleaning when I can) as I have the vacuums at my apartment and office run every day. I have had to replace 1 side brush on one of the vacuums. I also replaced the main brushes on one of the vacuums as preventative maintenance since it came as part of a package.
    3) iPhone 4S: It had to be replaced by warranty once because the battery went out completely (before the one year warranty went out).
    One main thing I noticed is you have to keep both the audio jack and the dock connecter very clean and having a case can make it dirtier. My 3G data went out. Temporarily had audio problems but cleaning those connectors fixed that problem. If you bought one and still have AppleCare available you may want to buy AppleCare.
    It still works otherwise and I do really like the voice dictation with it.
    2) With crank flash lights it is really important that you crank it at least one minute with it off every month. Also with Minnesota cold weather can be tough on any battery that goes outside.
    1) Video calling, the one problem I have is finding a video service that I can use with my customers friends and family that I can contact easily and quickly. But I definitely like it better than talking with a voice only call.

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