Cleaning Computer / Monitor

Sometimes computers and monitors need to be cleaned.
Always have equipment off when cleaning.  Unplug if opening computer case.
For TVs and monitors, window cleaner or cleaners containing alcohol or ammonia CANNOT be used because it can remove the protective coding that protects your eyes.  They can also damage the inner electronics if it seeps in.
It is best to use a microfiber cloth and a non-alcohol cleaner made for screens.  Try using just the microfiber cloth first and if that doesn’t work spray some of the cleaner on the cloth.
For cleaning the computer surfaces (plastic or medal- not the actual electronic boards) I use some antistatic alcohol-free cleaning wipes. Sometimes  cotton tips can be used to clean places hard get at.
For getting out dust several different methods can be used or  a combination of them.
First Prevention:  Keep your computer away from pets, out of dusty areas,  do not smoke by the computer.  Have the computer as high above the floor as possible.
Second Air duster can:   Advatages: blows most of the dust away, portable
Disadvantages: Can be messy,  can be expensive buying the cans a lot, breathing in is dangerous.
Third Vacuum: Advantages: cleans neater, less fumes, reusable
Disadvantages: not compact( unless you have a special mini vacuum), noisy, may not get rid of as much dust sometimes, may cause extra static if not used correctly.
Fourth Air compressor:  Blows out all the dust, reusable
Disadvantages: peices may get blown into circuit boards, may be noisy, messy, may cause more dust to get in air making breathing dangerous

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