I get by with one computer and no TV, no watch (Kind of)

Back in 2008 & 2009  I sold 3 computers to get the one computer I have now.
The computer I use both at home and my business.  It is mostly used for business, but some personal use as well.  It’s a notebook (Apple Macbook pro 17 inch)
I have an external 24″ monitor (Apple LED Display) I use along with the built in display at home.  I use a 19″ widescreen display at my business (Asus LED). both have built in audio.  The 24″ display also has a  charger, usb hub, microphone, and camera built in.  So I use the charger that came with the computer at my business. I also have an external optical mouse both places because I am sometimes more comfortable with that than the track pad.
For TV if I really want to watch it, I hook up a USB tv tuner(Elgato Eye TV Hybrid).
Even though I have one main computer, I do have other computing devices.  I have an iPod Touch which can browse the web, take photo/video, and run apps among other things.  I also have an Android phone which can besides doing phone calls, browse the web, run apps, gps, take photo/video and more. I also use either my computer, phone or iPod instead of a watch.
I also have an stand alone gps navigation system, and fm radios in the car, home.  And 3 dedicated cameras that can do both video and still – besides the other devices that have cameras.
For viewing photos – It can be done with my computer and monitor, my iPod, on the camera itself, with another person’s  TV connected with a cable to my camera, my printer has a viewing screen, or on my phone. I also have a key chain photo viewer which I rarely use since my phone can perform that function better.  So a digital photo frame is not necessary for me.
I use external hard drive for video storage and local backup.
In addition I use outsourced providers for doing online backup and web hosting.
So maybe I have one computer, maybe more depending how its counted.
2015 Update: I took a couple of computers of my customers hands, just in case they wouldn’t dispose of them properly since they no longer wanted the computers. I will be keeping one of them (iMac) and I also have a laptop now a macbook air. So I’ll have 2 PC(Macintosh computers) and plus a smartphone(my iPhone which is now also my iPod).  I no longer have the iPod, dedicated gps, android phone, mouse, keychain photo viewer, car. Only 1 combination fm/radio/weather radio.