Paper to Paperless

In an effort to go paperless I decided I needed to scan in my receipts for my business.
To do this I searched the web to find information about it.  I found that the IRS accepts organized scanned or photocopied receipts. I also found Neat Receipts a scanner and a program (Neat Works) for organizing receipts, business cards, and documents.  It is available for Windows and Macintosh.  I bought the Macintosh version from a seller on eBay.
I am in a long process of scanning years worth of receipts and documents in an effort to free up space in my apartment. I remove any staples.  I scan them in. If I don’t need the original paper copy I shred it.
Update: Disclosure 2-12-2013: We now benefit financially from links of this product on this site.

2 thoughts on “Paper to Paperless”

  1. Update: I continue to use the Neat scanner and Neat works and now use Neat cloud as well. Even though it is an old concept it is still new to many accountants and lawyers so they may actually not be the best profession for advice on this.
    I am not quite paperless yet but my paper clutter has been drastically reduced.
    When time machine on Macintosh is used with this program or when Internet connection is lost the program can at times crash, or not run properly. But it is still much quicker to find the documents you need to find when you want to find them.

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