LED Bulbs

I am slowly switching over from fluorescent to light emitting diode (LED).   My new notebook and monitor from Apple have LED back lit Displays.   These are bright screens (adjusts to make less bright) and with good color and quality.
As my compact florescent lights go out, I am recycling them and replacing them with LED replacement bulbs (with many LEDs inside). Some of these are not as bright as the compact florescent bulbs so you have to look at what you buy.
LEDs are very efficient.  They do not produce the heat that florescents do. LED Bulbs may run at less than 3 watts which is a lot less than flouresent. They last a long time, one I bought was estimated at 30,000 hours.  They also do not contain mercury.
LED  are slightly more expensive to buy, however there will be savings in electricity use.