Reducing Paper and Paper waste

  • Only print when necessary.
  • Print on both sides of the paper. Set computers to print duplex as the default option.  Collect single side printed paper and use as scratch pad.
  • Print Directly on envelopes instead of using mailing labels
  • Review Documents before printing. Make simple hand written corrections on printed documents instead of reprinting
  • Use smaller fonts and margins to fit more on a page.
  • Avoid printing cover sheets.
  • Do preventative maintenance on copiers and printers
  • Load paper correctly in printers and copiers.
  • Use recycled material in paper.
  • Have faxes go to email instead of having them printed.
  • Save emails in you inbox instead of printing them.
  • Share documents on networks or internet instead of printing to have someone review.
  • Use Online Billing, Online Statements for banks and insurance, and stop having bills and statements in the mail.
  • Subscribe to your newspapers and magazines online instead of getting them in paper form.
  • Unsubscribe from catalogs and other junk mail- some of which can be done online.   Many catalogs have unsubscribe information on the back.
  • Use the calendar/scheduler on your computer/phone/pda instead of a paper calendar.
  • Use a computerized address book on your computer/phone/pda instead of a paper address book.
  • Use computerized keeping of all records including medical records, financial records/bookkeeping, and other business records.
  • E-file your taxes. Find Services at Minnesota Department of Revenue US Internal Revenue Service
  • Register and sign up for events, classes, selective service, FAFSA , Social Security , Changing Address and holding mail with USPS , and other things online instead of mailing a paper copy.
  • For photography, use a digital camera and View and share photos online instead of buying prints (or only print some of your best photos).
  • Besides reducing paper computerizing can make processes go faster, make things easier to find, and can reduce data loss if using proper backups.
  • More Info: California IWMB   HP

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