What can I do with my used computer or other electronic that I don't want?

If it is working and usable:

  • You can donate it to an organization that accepts it.
  • You can sell it.   Craigslist.org and EBay.com are common places to list your item online.

If it is not working:

  • Recycle it properly. It’s the law.   Some manufacturers such as Apple allow you to recycle your old computer and monitor when you buy a new one.  Some stores will take used electronics for free or for a fee.   Cell phones, ink/toner cartridges, and rechargable batteries are recycled free many places.   Your local recycler, landfill, or garbage hauler may also accept electronics separate from your trash. You may want to call or check the provider’s web site or call the provider.
  • Crow WIng County Landfill