Here is what I think about electric vehicles.

I think electric vehicles are only part of the solution. I do think we need to move away from gasoline powered equipment but think electric vehicles are only a very small part of that solution

  1. I think Internet Access (and phone calls, and mayve even older media like tv, radio and mail) where people can work, play, or go to school (at least some of the time) is the number one solution (avoiding vehicles).
  2. 2nd solution more walking and bicycling.

For Electrifying vehicles I think there may be priorities:

  1. With electric vehicles I think electric bicycles may be good solution (I won’t use it since I also pedal bike for exercise, staying healthy. balanced and can’t carry batteries)
  2. Electric Elevators
  3. electric public transit systems including buses.
  4. Electric school buses.
  5. Electric vehicles that move many of the goods/freight
  6. electric public owned vehicles and company vehicles
  7. personal electric vehicles

With the electric vehicles I hope there can be mostly renewable energy used with them (on/off grid) some maybe having there own solar panels to supplement and maybe dynamo generators and systems that recovery energy from breaking. lighter weight materials may help as well.

I have a bicycle that generates it’s own electricity for the lighting (not movement) with a dynamo hub.