Online classes experience

I have been participating in online classes (on and off) since 1998-1999. My first web based courses were in high school a networking class designed by Cisco systems and web design class that was a combination of interactive television(ITV) and web based class. The networking class mostly self paced online class using a web browser and Shockwave player but within the time limits of a regular class period that had hands on projects. Both of those web based classes were actually in brick and motor specialized (ITV room and computer labs) classrooms and the networking class was on a local server so it was much different than web based classes at the comfort or discomfort of my own home.

I took a few college web based classes in 2000 and 2001 that went well. Only one used video though and the video was on using an CD-ROM ebook and assignments were posted on a web page and sent by email. Some used discussion boards and testing (one which timed out on me just when I finished and didn’t submit since my connection dropped) and others that relied on project and book based assignments. Majority of my college classes were in the brick and motor classroom and I could sometimes see the teacher of web based classes in person at their office if I wanted to.

I took some online classes in between.

2019 – 2020 -2021 I had by far some of my best and worst online class experiences. I learned both the value and the over use of video conferencing, and message boards. I had 2 university grad classes that overused message boards and overused textbook and underutilized video conferencing in 2020. I took many self paced classes from and other providers. I like that format probably the most when it works correctly. I had 2 summer university grad classes that were way too long without enough breaks, no textbook(or ebook), overused online “handouts/work sheets” many taken from just a mobile phone camera given last minute, and a tight homework schedule which I have to say ended being some of the worst classes I ever took. One other college class not exact time but strict deadlines and blurry video, however this class the instructor and college will allow me to retake.

I had one coaching class for track and field with nationally recognized teacher/coaches and athletes that was 4 days together required meeting video conference time but made good use of breaks. The ebook came with the class. The test had an extended period of time to take (up to 3 months) (open ebook). So I really enjoyed that class.