Changing clocks

That time a year in US except Arizona and Hawaii start daylight savings before we go to sleep Saturday we switch clocks  one hour ahead Saturday March 7
Daylight Savings Time starts at 3am DT (2am ST) Sunday March 8 2020.
Remember most computer, mobile phones. Tablets and some TVs and other devices switch on their own.
It is important that your device has the correct time zone if you have the ability to set it.
A few older devices made 2005 or before may switch on the wrong date, since the time of time change was changed by congress in 2005 and daylight savings time was extended in 2007.  (not regular computers that have software updates, or cell phones that update time from carrier)
The spring time change (March) time we make sure we are getting enough sleep.
The enough sleep is especially important because the risk of heart attacks increase the Monday and Tuesday after the spring time change
Smoke detectors now since batteries last longer (some up to 10 years) should be tested every month to see if batteries need to be replaced instead of replacing them on a schedule.
Smoke detectors are of course important year round. It is very sad to see someone not making it out of a fire.