E-file taxes

originally published Jan 31 2015
A reminder: instead of using all of those paper forms, why not e-file your taxes? It’s quicker, eliminates errors, and if  you save to your computer instead of printing it’s better for the environment. (I recommend a backup either on a flash drive, online or both). Also choosing direct deposit, will allow you to receive your refund faster and not worry about getting to the bank. Choosing direct withdraw will allow you to save mailing or writing a check.
There are several ways to e-file:
On your own: In MN for income tax return http://www.revenue.state.mn.us/
Most providers have you go through an interview process, so it is different than filling out paper forms on your own that can make it more likely to make a mistake. Calculations are built in.
In the USA: http://www.irs.gov/Filing/E-File-Options
Also most tax preparers have the ability to e-file your income tax return, just double check before you decide to go with the provider and you can choose direct deposit as well.
Most business taxes (other than individual income) in MN requires e-filing.
Home owners can also submit property tax rebate online for free http://www.revenue.state.mn.us/
Renters can e-file with https://efile-express.com (there may be a fee) or use the software with your income tax return filing (you may need to print the form or transfer it to the M1PR form sent to you in the mail).
MN Department of Revenue site:
IRS web site
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