Technology and privacy

Some of my views on technology and privacy.
I’m not saying I’m right but this is the way I see it.
I have a very strict privacy policy. There are good and bad things about that.
The good:

  • It safeguards privacy
  • It gives a reason to deny request for private information
  • It protects against some possible data breaches

The bad:

  • When people ask for referrals I can’t always give them a referal
  • I don’t contact customers even though they may want to be contacted
  • It limits some of the business I’m able to do even though it may be beneficial to the customers
  • I don’t always publish photos or videos, even though people want to see them.
  • it limits the age to 13 or over for interacting with my web sites through forms.

My view on the new iPhone is it does not necessarily breach privacy any more than previous smart phones and definately not more than services like Facebook . Although there is the possibility it could with 3rd party apps.
My view on St Paul police departments with autism foundation  app targeting disabled people and people diagnosed with autism disorders is a privacy breach,
The integration of records at Northern pines from 3rd party providers (Little Falls and Brainerd) may be a confidentiality and privacy breach.