Making Spaghetti in my small apartment with modern tools

I set table first. I put broken in thirds thin spaghetti in water with salt put the magnetic induction cooktop at 220 F timed to turn off in 9 minutes. Then put it in Another pan over the stove with the lid on it. I put rolls from a can on a cookie sheet sprayed with canola oil in the gas oven at 400 degrees fareignheight. set my timer on my smart phone for 10 minutes. Then started the sauce with  vegetable spaghetti sauce and soy veggie crumbles at 220 F timed to automatically turn off 5 minutes then checked it cooked another 5 minutes. Turned off oven I got a bag salad, but added blue berries and strawberries on top. For my friend, salad I made for her was just berries. She came and left, my parents came, and she came back. I started putting it on the table.