How to get by without a car.

June 1 2012 I got rid of my car and I have not wanted it back. Primarily by using the web instead of driving as well as biking and walking.

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Republished from Aug 9 2012
In Brainerd)
So I was going to take 60 days to see whether I could get by without a car before insurance would go up. Yes, I can get by without a car. Yes, I can get by without rides from friends and family (I have had a few from family and one family friend, but they weren’t necessary). Yes, I like not having a car. I will continue to walk, bike, take bus, or car pool.
So how else besides walking and biking do I get around or could get around?
I use email, phone.
Video conferencing( Skype, Yahoo Messenger, or Face Time ), screen sharing, text messaging and facebook and other social media.
Online Meetings with GoToMeeting
Brainerd & Crow Wing Public Transit
Jefferson Lines
Brainerd & Crow Wing County Regional Airport BRD
Paul Bunyan Trail
Grab a Cab (started since original article written
Brainerd Area Taxi
Executive express (took over lakes express fleet)
Reichert Bus Service