Why closed captioning is important

  1. Closed captioning’s most important use is to give those that are deaf, hard of hearing, or other disability such as a cognitive impairment the ability to understand what is being said (or the sounds) by displaying the written word on television or an online video.
  2. A second reason for closed caption is for those learning the language. Whether it is someone simply learning to read and speak or someone learning a new language closed captioning can help with that.  In some cases such as on online videos it can be used to translate easier into another language.
  3. To avoid noise from Television sometimes closed captioning is used. This may be in an apartment building at night, a work place, a college, a school, or a busy restaurant or airport. A similar reason may be if there are no speakers on a computer or the speakers can’t get loud enough to hear.
  4. A fourth reason for online videos is the ability to have words searchable for video content and it can be used for a written transcript as well.

CATEYE red bicycle reflector with closed captioning
closed captioning example “use a front white light and red rear light and reflectors at night and when visibility”

from this video:

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