2015-11-14 Updated from 2010-10-02
In the past Many Times I have  had to go out to a site and do an emergency backup.
I recommend performing regular backups, preferably automatic.
This can be done with a local device such as a flash drive, or external drive, sd card, or optical media as well as network, remote or online backup. We sell WorkSpace Online Storage through our hosting partner company.
Also sometimes with more things being in the cloud certain things such as purchases from iTunes, Amazon, or Google store don’t necessarily need to be backed up or permanently downloaded at all. Years ago, iTunes made you back things up on your own, but now you don’t have to take care of that.
One problem with cloud services with your personal information (not your purchases) it isn’t necessarily a backup it may be in one spot somewhere else or might be a syncing service that won’t protect against accidental deletion. The upside for cloud software infrastructure most the time uses less storage and maintenance for the consumer. Cloud software for the most part, especially web browser based, is updated automatically with everyone else.
Also with Solid State Drives can make your device more reliable.