limiting computer use

recently I went through a quick online training with concussion in youth sports on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.
Hopefully we want to prevent a concussion (a type of traumatic brain injury) in the first place but there are some things after a concussion happens to limit further problems including:

  • sitting out from the sport
  • seeking medical help from a health care professional, such as a doctor, that has experience with concussions.
  • limiting or stopping exercise, lifting, and staying out of contact sports until approved by the health care professional gradually returning step by step.
  • Also limiting or stopping computer use, video games, reading, writing or similar activities

I think limiting computer use, video games, reading, and writing is a good idea even for someone that is healthy but this is especially important when recovering from a concussion.  In my personal situation I limit myself being in automobiles and limit tv as well. Taking breaks when healthy enough to do these activities is also important.
Other things with computers: is have furniture properly mounted and adjusted and computer on stable furniture. Notebook/portable (laptop) computers are best not to be in the lap but on a stable surface, limited in transporting, to avoid physical injuries. Also some digital cameras have straps, don’t put them on the neck.
This isn’t meant to be medical advice so as mentioned before seek medical attention from a professional if a concussion is suspected in you, a family member, someone you coach, or someone you take care of.  Here is a link:
Update: there is also eye tracking software that has been developed to help evaluate concussions and other eye disorders. seen it on Nightly business report