Videos from September 2015

September 2015 is over, but I have some videos you may enjoy watching from that time.

I went on a bus trip to the Minnesota State Fair September 3

September 12 went to the Brainerd Walk and Wheel event to see how Brainerd has become more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

Later September 12 there was a spider, I just had to take a video of.

September 23 took a bus to Duluth for a conference and took some photos and video during my free time.

September 26 I biked from Onamia to Kathio State Park and September 27 did some biking on the Soo Line Trail
To avoid wear and tear on my body, I used only my camera phone for these videos and photos in the post, instead of the bigger digital cameras I often use. Then put together using my desktop or laptop computer when I got back.