When not to emphasize on people in your business

When things in your business or organization are going good and maybe even getting better it is good thing to congratulate the people that made that happen.
On the other hand if things aren’t going right you don’t want to blame that on people.
I hear a lot of emphasis on people versus technology however people have always relied on some sort of technology or tools to survive.

  • think of the tools we use to prepare and eat our food.
  • Think of the shoes on our feet that can prevent cuts and diseases.

Marketers (and sometimes managers) want to put things in that start with the letter P. Just since it is simple to remember, however it is important not to get stuck on a letter and not to get over emphasize on one word.
Examples are People, Place, Process, Promotion, Product, Price.
Technology can be the Process, but it can also be part of the promotion, and it can also be the product or service. Technology can even be part of the place or location.
Sometimes when technology fails, it is blamed on people (or the technology) rather than solving the problem with the right technology.
Examples of technology vs technology

  • Using computers and phones versus vehicles some people think meeting in person is the best thing, but if you are big distances apart or repeatedly going short distances in a vehicle  it actually may be more personal to do something like a video call or web meeting then be stuck in traffic for an hour or 2  using an older technology called an automobile.
  • Using computers, tablets , smart phones instead of (or to reduce) paper. This also means don’t use your computer just to print things off. Even radio, television, or a message board (electronic or not) could also be considered a way of using technology for reducing paper depending on how they are used.

Using technology such as robotics and computers can eliminate work that people do not want to do, that is too dangerous to do, or to assist people do get there work done.  Although there is talk about these eliminating jobs, sometimes some of these jobs shouldn’t be done by people or can’t. Sometimes they assist with jobs. Some examples:

  • Robots can be used in doing the dangerous work in manufacturing cars,  or going to other planets.
  • A robot can assist a people vacuuming their floor, when it may not otherwise get done on a regular basis.
  • A computer can do mass calculations in a split second, can control heating and cooling systems so they are more efficient. As well as give a person with a disability an ability to do things independently.

Although people using social media may say all we need is people, not technology or expertise; People, technology, and expertise can all fit together.