Bookkeeping software I chose

I chose to use Godaddy Bookkeeping as my new bookkeeping software.
Quickbooks (my old program) keeps taking features away so I decided  to look for a new program. Also, I wanted the software to be cloud based and record transactions automatically.
Godaddy bookkeeping does that.  First, before testing providers I waited for MidMinnesota Federal Credit Union to upgrade online banking software first. (the new online banking has added basic bookkeeping of its own such as putting transactions in categories)
I just import the the qfx file that I download from the online banking. Some Banks  and other online accounts can show up automatically with go Daddy bookkeeping.
The software also allows adding images such as receipts or invoices to a transaction and Will put items into their proper accounts matched with their tax category.
The software does not file taxes or do payroll.
It can send out invoices and give customers an option to pay online.
I have been a customer with Godaddy for over 10 years and I am an affiliate and reseller
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