About my secretary

Who is my secretary?
It is myself and some robots.
What are the robots?
I can’t name them all but I can give some information on it.
My phone is either answered by me or by my voicemail.
It is forwarded to my mobile phone during the day (I usually answer if available), then to voicemail.
early 2015 update: one problem I have is when I answer callers hangup since they think I am the voicemail, another is I get callers that don’t leave a message. If they don’t leave a message I usually don’t call back since I get scam and solicitation calls often. A good thing now, is I can sometimes answer the phone (connecting with my iPhone or with Google voice/gmail) from my computer which helps reduce my ear and back pain, as well as making it easier as well as answer text messages from my computer
My email doesn’t always need an immediate response, but I can answer from any computer or my iPhone.
Siri can both do voice recognition and text to speech as well as do certain things. I have a similar program I use on my computer.
I use Neat for digital file storage and is just one part of the paperless solution.
November 2015 update on Neat
My carpet is cleaned by iRobot Roomba.
There are more things I will explain in my upcoming ebook. I’m slow so it might not come out until after this summer.

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