Untrusted Advertising for small businesses

1st if you get a call with caller id blocked or unfamiliar area code (especially if you mainly deal with people locally) you may want to ignore the phone call and let it go to voice mail.
If you get a phone call for advertising check:

  • Have you heard of this company or used this product? If you haven’t then it is likely not good for your business.
  • Do they force you to make a decision on the phone, or even automatically sign you up? Don’t trust them
  • If you don’t trust them say no (or no thanks) and hang up. If they call again don’t answer.

Examples of advertising that does not usually work well:

  • Print advertising that is self distributed or limited distribution(such as given away at businesses), These can be maps, magnets, directories, phone book covers, or fliers. If you haven’t seen the product in your hands before then it probably isn’t worth it.
  • online advertising that you have not heard of(online only yellow pages). If you haven’t heard of them, or any one you know has heard of them then it probably isn’t worth it.
  • very short radio or cable tv spots. Not very many people will remember a 10 second or less ad run twice.

Make sure if you are planning on advertising online you have seen the site if you are planning on advertising.  My company offers online only advertising, and there are businesses that have seen successful results from it.  If you are planning on advertising online you may even want to sign up online there are many now that are self serve. be sure that they have a good reputation.