My issues with Photo Piracy

Back in April 5, 2008 I took a photo of an overpass and its landscaping work in Onamia MN since a customer recommended me to take it because of the good landscaping example (erosion control).  At the time, I was trying to take photos almost daily and pick out the best photo of the day and post it on Flickr.
Later on I found out it was used in propaganda by Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain without my permission.  They used it on a report against bike trails.  They did credit the photo, but not properly. It was an insult to my hometown,  and a transportation option I and many others enjoy.  It had misleading information including information about our representative in congress. Also At the same time I found out about an inline skater killed crossing a road while on a trail near me.
The whole situation bothered me quite a bit, but I am not getting a lawyer for it since I cannot afford one.   I am glad for the Flickr user who pointed this out, I’m sure there are many others that have misused my photos but not to this extent.  Later, I never renewed my Flickr pro account (there wasn’t much pro about it).
It has not stopped me from taking photos, but I have been slower to post them on the web.

Copyright Nathan Steffenson