Avoiding Dust with Computers

Dust can cause your computer to overheat, cause scratches on hard drives, and other problems that will stop your computer from working properly.
Here are some tips to avoid dust with computers.

  1. Keep your computer off the floor and as high as possible
  2. Make sure all expansion slots and drive bays are covered
  3. Avoid smoking by the computer
  4. If possible have in a room/area that is less dusty – well ventilated
  5. Use a dust cover when not in use
  6. Wipe outside with an antistatic wipe, also dust out the area around the computer.
  7. Keep it in an area away from pets.
  8. It’s a good idea to have your desktop computer opened up and cleaned out every 2-3 months – make sure power is off and unplugged.  It can be blown out or vacuumed.  A vacuum is probably best to avoid breathing in – although you need to be careful not to touch parts because of static. If you don’t know how to do this or are uncomfortable doing this, have a technician do it for you.
  9. An additional fan may also help, but this is a last resort. (I don’t recommend an additional fan)

Warning: breathing in the dust from computers and electronics can be dangerous, especially with older models because of the fire retardant.
Always wash hands after dusting.
One other thing to keep your computer clean is to avoid eating or drinking around it.
See also http://www.ehow.com/how_5275211_keep-dust-out-computer.html
Update 12/13/2018: solid state drives or flash based storage can reduce noise, less heat, less movement to attract dust and are less prone to be wrecked by dust.

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