Print these days?

Do you really need to buy a printer these days?
Many times we don’t send letters in the mail anymore, so there isn’t much need to print for that.
Email doesn’t need to be printed, since most of us have large storage for email. Just back things up if they are important.
Why print a web page? – book mark it or save it.
Do you really need to print a report, or can you email it or post it on a web page?
Photos we mostly keep and share on computers and digital photo frames. For those that we really want printed, we can have printed professionally, most the time cheaper than printing ourselves. I’ve used online photo stores such as, and Shutterfly to print and they have turned out very well. Targets photo prints usually turn out well. Walmarts prints are not as good.
You can hand write small notes and addresses on envelopes if only sending a few.
When you do need something printed you could pay to have it printed at a library or at a print shop.
I bought one from Samsung.
Color Laser printers are still a little bit bigger (sometimes really big) and more expensive to buy and maintain.
Inkjet printers are usually cheap to buy, but the ink cartridges are expensive since they don’t last long usually.
In my personal situation, I do have a laser printer. I usually only print a few times a month so I leave my printer turned off most of the time. Toner doesn’t dry up, since it is already dry.

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  1. Unless Printing is your business, I no longer recommend buying a printer at all.
    when I had printers they would be heavy, take up room, and money and put dust in the air, and other messes.
    I no longer have my own printer.

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